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Our Vision

To enable ambitious entrepreneurs to enjoy their journey, live their dream and leave them feeling inspired and empowered to grow sustainable successful businesses that make a positive impact on their local community.

Our Purpose

Our bigger purpose is to use our knowledge and influence to educate, inspire and motivate ordinary young people everywhere to achieve extraordinary results. We believe with the right mindset and motivation YOU can achieve anything. 

Our Values

Have Fun – Enjoy the journey

Be Ambitious –   Inspired support to push you

Live The Dream – Achieve your desired results

The entrepreneurs in the future can change the world solving everyday problems, enhancing life’s and making their communities better places. The modern world business doesn’t need a complex infrastructure, by using technology scale and impact can happen quickly from a back bedroom.

Adrian Peck

Adrian Peck

Owner, Entrepreneur & Author of "How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business; The Entrepreneur's Guide To Rediscovering Your Mojo And Enjoying Every Day By Living Your Dream"

From An AA Patrol To Business Coach…How Does That Work?

I’ve been enabling business owners to grow their businesses since 2011 but it all started from humble beginnings…

I’ve always had a keen interest in business and I come from quite an entrepreneurial family. My great Grandmother Mabel Peck, and her second-hand shop, was infamous in Ipswich which she opened in 1908. My father ran various successful businesses during his life, the most well known being Star Lines, which he grew from a small corner shop into the largest kitchen and bathroom retailer in Suffolk. 

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By the age of twenty I had started my first business, repairing cars in a village garage, before being lured to the AA to become a Patrol Officer fixing cars on the roadside. I bought my first house and I met my future wife Suzanne when she called the AA one day (that’s a whole story on its own). 

On the 12th April 1995 something happened that turned my life upside down, my brother Ian was killed in a car accident. In the previous September he had celebrated his 30th birthday and he was married with two young daughters. I was very close to Ian, only 2 days before we’d been together with me cooking our families a Sunday roast. 

They say that “out of tragedy comes something good”. Apart from the horrific hole his death left in our lives, this day also changed my life in several good ways. My outlook and approach to life certainly changed. I went back to education to realise that I was actually dyslexic and not thick after all! I took evening classes to learn more about business, obtaining an HNC in Business Studies and another in Management. 

My career moved me into management and I spent the next 13 years chasing a corporate dream, covering operational, marketing and sales at Director level. I was spending a lot of time away. Trains, planes and automobiles, hotels, motorways, airports and taxis being my way of life… I was covering over 45,000 miles a year, flying across the UK and Europe. It always sounds much more glamorous than it really is. Travelling for business is very different from travelling for pleasure and is really not much fun. 

One day Suzanne and I were discussing plans for our daughter’s 12th birthday, and I had a sudden question in my head of “where have those 12 years gone”. The time she was born was the same time that my management career took off. It hit me like a brick “I didn’t want to do this anymore!” I didn’t want to be a part-time husband and dad, particularly for my son who was only six at the time

So I decided I wanted to do something that was quite novel for me, live and work in Suffolk. I wanted to be at home more and I wanted to somehow use my intensive knowledge, expertise and disciplines I’d learnt from working in corporate environments, and in some way set up my own business to help others get more from their businesses. 

Since 2011 I have met and helped hundreds of business owners, helping them become more fulfilled and rewarded and less stressed. 

In 2018 Better Never Stops was born as I developed the business to have a much further reach to enable many more people, like you, to achieve great things in their lives. 

We believe there are thousands of great entrepreneurs out there, running technically sound companies, but they are not fulfilled and could achieve so much more with the right help and guidance.  

That’s why we’ve created Better Never Stops. We have a passion for fixing business problems, creating innovative solutions and seeing the results achieved by our clients. 

Our BIGGER Purpose…

We want to inspire entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential and, on a bigger scale, grow sustainable businesses that in turn create meaningful employment thus making an impact on their local community. 

By achieving tangible results, our clients and partners will have the ability to unlock programmes that we’ll deliver, to inspire the future generations of entrepreneurs. We are going to create workshops to teach and inspire ordinary young people everywhere to achieve extraordinary results. These programmes will, in turn, be delivered through a network of really cool ordinary people to act as role models and inspirational ambassadors.

What’s Your BIGGER Purpose?

As entrepreneurs, we can make a serious impact on our world… How can you?


Spread the word about the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We believe every business would become better by operating in alignment to the global goals.

Which United Nations Global Goal aligns to your brand?