“Stop Blaming Everyone Else And Start Taking Back Control”

I was with one of my clients this week with whom I had been working for around a year and who’s going through some tough times with his business. Conditions are really tough in his sector and we’ve had to work hard to reshape the company with the effect that he’s had to make some brave decisions.

It would be very easy for him to sit back and watch the company he’s worked so hard to build to slowly fail, and blame everyone else for it, as many, many others do.

But I’m very proud of him and what he’s achieved so far. He accepted early on that he needed to change his thinking and his approach if he was to survive.

“It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the one that is most responsive to change” Charles Darwin Origin of Species

The business journey ebbs and flows, it’s definitely not a straight flat road. It has many nasty bends and steep ascents. However, the skill is to realise that your mindset and methods that got you here aren’t necessarily going to get you up the next hill. You need to know when to change gear!


Your Action This Week…

Are you blaming everyone else?

Is it time you changed gear with a different mindset and different methods. It’s also a great strength to know when you need help and to ask for it…

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