“Are You Trying To Fill Your Sales Bath With The Plug Out?”

It’s very easy for a business to get so focused on lead generation that they forget about the most powerful, and sadly the least used strategy in sales; Customer Maximisation

Without this strategy, it’s like trying to fill a bath with the plug out and with holes drilled in the sides. You keep pouring water in (sales leads), a certain amount stays (sales conversion) and then it just leaks away again. And without the tap constantly pouring with costly lead generation activities, the bath would be empty. 

I’m sure like most businesses lead generation is not only costly but also hard work!

Imagine the bath now with only a small hole (or two) halfway up the bath. You’ve put the plug back in and sealed up most of the other holes with customer maximisation strategies. Now almost all of the water stays in the bath and for you to continue growing, you only have to keep topping up the bath with a trickle of leads.


Your Action This Week…

When was the last time you reviewed your sales figures?

How many customers are you losing each month/year?

Are you truly maximising each customer showing them what a wonderful company you are and getting every pound of value from them?


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Until next week…have a great weekend