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This Week’s Show

In this show, we look at Personal Vision Maps. What is a Personal Vision Map? What is it’s purpose? And how do you create one? 

Transcript From Live Show

Adrian Peck (00:03):

Hello. Good afternoon and welcome to love your business TV. I am Adrian Peck. I am the presenter of Love Your Business TV. I’m also the founder of better never stops. We deliver business advice and coaching programs to business owners and entrepreneurs who run or want to run 1 million pound plus turnover businesses. I am also the author of how to fall back in Love You Business, the entrepreneur’s guide to rediscovering your mojo and enjoying every day by living your dream. Now, yes. Uh, I’ve had a haircut. Um, this is my, uh, covert haircut. I have to be honest, I bloody hate it. Um, but it’s, it’s short and it does a purpose that moment. Um, and uh, yes, that’s got kind of that time and moment. Um, my head was going very long. Uh, so, uh, I’m sure many other people are out there the same as well.

Adrian Peck (00:58):

So again, welcome to love your business TV. Uh, and to this week I can get us gun and we have a bit of a celebration the way this is our, this is our 10th. Uh, this is our 10th show. Um, which, um, you have to celebrate these milestones. I started this game obviously 10 weeks ago, uh, before the, uh, lockdown and stuff happened. Um, and uh, we’re still going strong. Um, the ironic thing is apparently there’s a, there’s a statistic out there that says, uh, the podcasts never get past the seminar. Very few podcasts get past their seventh episode. So I’m very pleased I’ve got past that, that a number 10, um, this is pretty uncomfortable for me. Uh, this, the whole, uh, doing this stuff live is quite off my comfort zone, but that’s what life’s about. Realism is about challenging yourself and taking yourself out of your comfort zone.

Adrian Peck (01:48):

So we’re on channel a broad program number 10, which is absolutely fantastic. Let me just share this screen a bit more with you and let’s look at what we’re doing today. Um, so we’ve, um, as always, we are live now on YouTube and on Facebook. Um, we, the broadcast then turns into a podcast which goes out on Spotify, Apple and on Google podcasts. So you can catch up with us or not on the go. Again, thank you for the great feedback I’ve had from the last week and the previous weeks. Um, it’s nice to see the momentum growing every single week, uh, and me reaching, uh, far and wide. I know the podcast is downloaded in, uh, in America, in the U S would you believe, um, on Apple. So, um, welcome and thank you for joining us. Uh, so, um, really the purpose of this is, uh, I’m very, very passionate of course what I do about helping business owners.

Adrian Peck (02:47):

So the whole concept of this is I want to to, um, provide a platform every single week for entrepreneurs and business owners to come and get some free advice, uh, to help them grow their and turn all their hard work into something a bit more meaning. Um, my big passion is that, uh, business owners out there work so hard to grow their businesses, um, and uh, so the times that can get very lost. So the whole idea of this is I can help them and give them a guiding hand, uh, to really help them succeed in their businesses. Uh, earn more money, work less hours, and most importantly have more fun in what they’re doing. Um, as always, please reach out to me. Um, you can always catch up on all our previous shows, um, on, uh, love your teeth. I love your business.tv. Uh, that takes you through to the page on our better never stops website.

Adrian Peck (03:41):

Um, you can reach out to me as well on email. Uh, Adrian dot pack pack. You take.com please do and keep all those comments come in. Um, it’s really, really heartwarming to see the feedback we get. Um, it does cause you obviously staring into the camera doing this live thing. So it does actually start meeting something that, so moving on to this week, uh, we have over the last three weeks now being, talking about personal ambition, flashy, four weeks, talking about a person ambition plan. And the reason behind it is the, as I’ve been talking to lots of business owners that are in lockdown situation, um, and uh, they’ve kind of had to put that business on hold. It’s actually a really great time to invest in time into your business and particularly about getting back to your values and what you and your business or all about.

Adrian Peck (04:33):

So the last few weeks I’ve taken you through, uh, we’ve done a bit right, but early back on in which is around, um, a very motivational piece around, uh, geniuses, uh, wherever they are born or wherever they can be made. And the whole point of it was to demonstrate to you that, uh, with the right, um, with the right process and the right mindset, you can achieve anything you want. So if you want to go jump back onto that, that was about four weeks ago. Um, it was, uh, entitled, um, something along the line, the formula to success, that’s what it was called, formula to assess. If you want to jump back on that one, it’s a really good presentation that’s done. I’ve done it many times to lots of people. Uh, so based on that with them moved on and I’ve taken you through the process of doing your personal values, income and purpose, and we took you through the steps on that last week, looked at X team, your business and why that’s really important to think about upfront a particular with the circumstances we’re in now.

Adrian Peck (05:34):

And this week I want to talk to you about the personal vision map. Um, this process is normally part of my kind of a four week strategy program like deal with business owners. Um, so I’m being pretty generous here to give you this content for apps that you’re free. I’m Dom sharing with you. Of course, it’s also available in a lot more depth actually in my book as well. Um, and all the stuff there is, um, in the chapter one, it’s all around strategy and building or strategy. Um, and you can download the tools like discus as well. They’re all on my website. If you go to better now to stop, stop global and then forward slash free business tools, uh, gain all the tools and information are all on there for you to use. And to share far and wide as well. So please do so.

Adrian Peck (06:22):

Okay. Last week we talked about X into your exiting your business and this week I want to move on then to a personal vision map. Um, and I’m gonna take you through that and show you how you can create it. So, um, from the uh, the personal, um, values, income and purpose statements we’ve done, what you should now have is a series of goals. Um, your values, um, some ideas about your legacy. You want to leave, uh, what your exit looks like, what are the things that really, really important to you, what’s your kind of big purpose. And then some stuff around income and values that you want in terms of financial aspects. So you’ve kind of got all these things out there and you’ve got them written down, which is absolutely great. However, there’s a little bit of a problem with that and a problem.

Adrian Peck (07:13):

As much as, as, as business owners, we want something more. As entrepreneurs, we tend to be quite, um, we are quite creative thinkers, uh, and we like to visualize stuff. Having stuff written down is great, but we like to have it in our heads. We like to be able to see this stuff. So, um, when I’ve, as I’ve been working with business owners since 2011, it’s one of the things that I saw and something that I wanted created for business owners. I saw that when I was doing their, their strategy plans were for them, you know, we get all this great stuff done with draw these plans down and we’d go through all this process and then they would write this stuff down, but then it kind of disappears in a cupboard somewhere and really doesn’t get looked out that often. So I wanted to create something that was a lot more visual and something that the business owners, entrepreneurs would see a lot of frequent and it would then be there to ground them and to motivate them on a daily basis.

Adrian Peck (08:12):

So, um, I can remember back, um, I read a book quite a few years ago called think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is it goes back to the 1930s this book, would you believe? Um, and he talks about in his book the power of visualization and it’s been copied many times since in various different forms. And in reality, it’s the same stuff that, you know, golfers, footballers, rugby lot sports people will visualize their stuff, um, before they go and, um, before they go and take that short or do that important. But you know, you very much will see it when it’s for a penalty taker. You always see golfers as they’re lining up that shot, you know, they’re visualizing this stuff in their head and getting the right thoughts in the head. So it’s about having that, the thoughts in your head all the time about motivating tooth to that place.

Adrian Peck (09:03):

And that’s pretty much what I’ve kind of put together. The part of this concept was that I, uh, some friends of mine, Allison and, uh, up on an, on their office wall, Andy has this big map of the world and he’s a great traveler. Him and Allison love to go traveling. And, um, he would have in there the pins, uh, that where the places had been and then have a different color pin for the places that he wanted to go. And that was kind of a bit of a Eureka moment for me really going, great. This is what I need. I need to have this visualization map of how the, uh, my business owners and entrepreneurs that I work with can actually then start to visualize what they want to achieve. And this is kind of where the best the personal vision map came from.

Adrian Peck (09:45):

So I kind of important, give a little bit of background about it. So what is it, there’s three really key, um, rules that you have to have. It needs to be big. Okay. This personal vision map needs to be big. Now being big, I’m talking about something that’s really going to go on a wall or that kind of size. It needs to be a, you know, a big size, a board that you’re gonna put together. And on that board you wanna put some visualizations unit puts some things that are going to mean stuff that links back to your goals and values and that kind of stuff, which I’ll go through in a second. We you so it needs to be big. The bigger is the th the, the stronger it’s going to be as well. It needs to be something you’re going to say, um, really ideally daily.

Adrian Peck (10:30):

So it’s always in your mind’s eye or you’re always glancing at it or you can go to it. Um, when you have those dark days, you know, running businesses and been entrepreneurs, it is bloody hard work and we have some dark days at times. We have some days where the whole wealth things, there was this against you and you want that place just to sit and reflect and go, yeah, this is what I’m doing and this is why I’m doing it. This is what it’s all about. Right. Ready to go again. And it’s kind of a reset process. The other thing about it is that the visualization of it and what you’re going to use for images, which are again our share, you in a second, they need to be really emotive. The more and more personal and emotive they are to you, the stronger and stronger your personal vision map will be.

Adrian Peck (11:16):

Okay. So it’s really key. So that the three key rails, row one, it needs to be as big as possible. Three, it needs to be sucking. One, it needs to be big as possible, uh, to, it needs to be somewhere you can see daily identity. And then third, it needs to be a motive. It needs to be really personal to you. Okay. So let me take you through. So we’ve got, um, your personal vision, man. Let’s take you through the process of what you need to do. And I say this is really personal. Um, and I’m going to share with you, uh, one that I done quite a few years ago, bits of one that I’d done quite a few years ago. Um, I, I can’t share any that my clients had done actually because most of them never seen. Um, I don’t, it’s not something for me to say.

Adrian Peck (12:00):

I take my, the business owners and entrepreneurs through the process of it and really, um, it should be that personal to them actually. They don’t want to show me on a purposely don’t go there with it. Um, so it needs to be personal. So, um, what I want you to think about is when you’ve written down your, your personal VIP is your values, incomes and purpose statements. Um, you’re going to end up with things like goals, values, what your legacy is going to be, what your exit looks like. What are the things that really, really important to you? What’s your big purpose? What does that financial stuff look like as well? Or what does it give you? And this is the hard bit. This is the bit where you’ve got to sit, sit in a bit lit and slightly in a darkened room if you like, and really get in and think about this stuff.

Adrian Peck (12:46):

And again, bring that emotive person out is what does that goal look like? How do you visualize that goal? What’s that image that you have in your head? Okay, from that goal, you will never want to jump onto Google, jump on a Google. Obviously there are the search engines available and put that, that terminology, whatever’s coming to your head, I want you to come put that into the search bar and Google and going and find some images. If you click along and put images in, you’ll see some images that will come out that will trigger, hopefully start triggering what that goal means to you or what that goal is to you. It’s the same with your values and your legacy and all other things that rawness on this sheet. Really, what are those? How do you visualize that? Okay, what does that mean to you?

Adrian Peck (13:34):

What’s in your head when you see those words or see those statements written down? And that’s the really powerful bit that’s going to go into a beyond your, your personal vision map. Okay? So is that starting? Might hopefully make some sense. So it’s about getting those, um, those statements, looking at them and reading at them and then putting some search terms into Google and then pulling out the images and ideally you want those images. Um, I personally, I’ve got a big wall that I’ve got all my stuff on and those images are got one image is pretty much is on, um, on an a four sheet, uh, either, uh, landscape or portrait. And that’s my, my visual for, for those ones. And I tend to have about half a dozen or so on my personal vision map. I refresh it quite often. Um, so it keeps it fresh and it keeps it in my head. Um, but that’s what you want to do. You’ve got to make it personal. That’s the really, really strong thing I can’t urge you doing now. The more and more person at ease and more motivated to you, the stronger this personal vision map is going to be.

Adrian Peck (14:43):

So let me share you with one of mine. This is my personal vision map or kind of bits of it from a, probably about five, six years ago now at least. Um, and I’ll, I’ll take you through a couple of the or some of the squares really. So the, um, uh, hopefully you can see up here the, uh, this one here, sorry, um, is, uh, is a holiday. Uh, at the time I wasn’t taking much time off. Um, I was there at the time, uh, this, uh, this about six, seven years ago I was really building my business. I very rarely took holidays, particularly any quite exotic holidays. So my, on my, on my goals was to go and take some holidays and this really was my, um, the vision I had of something quite personal that was about going on holiday and being in, you know, just been in, um, a paradise if you like.

Adrian Peck (15:37):

Uh, the second one is, is some golf clubs, um, no surprises there in terms of, um, something that had dropped out of IP habitually, not stopped doing was actually playing golf. I love playing golf. Uh, golf doesn’t love me that much, but I love playing golf. Um, and I love the kind of networking aspect of it as well. Um, and the signify me getting back and playing golf. Um, as it turned out, uh, I actually then joined for business about the same time as well. Um, and it led me to being playing golf every month and networking. Hey, Hey, uh, this, uh, picture up a top helmet here. This is the beloved Portman road, uh, where it’s just town play of course. Um, and, uh, this signified actually spending more time with my son. Uh, and this was about, uh, going and we, uh, kind of brought a season ticket you type thing.

Adrian Peck (16:28):

And we started going to football every Saturday and I spending more and more time of him doing something that I knew that he was kind of getting into was quite young at the time. And so there’s quite a bit, you know, it’s this, this quite personal, and you can see how personal would be, but the visualize is me sitting with Hayden watching football on a Saturday. And so the suit, what does the suit mean? The suit mean, um, at the time I was a bit of a fat bastard. Um, and the suit signified me. Uh, the suit signified me losing weight and I promised myself once I got down to my target weight, um, I was gonna buy myself a suit. So that was my visualization on that. Um, the Audi, uh, this analogy, a six, uh, course, um, this was the confined, the fact that the time I had a, uh, quite a shitty car and I’d promise myself once I hit my monthly target in terms of my revenue, I got my business where I wanted to be.

Adrian Peck (17:21):

Um, I was going to buy myself a brand new car. Um, and uh, which I approached. I did, um, I’m very pleased to say. Um, I also then had a target on my, um, on my personal vision map, which is about where I wanted to get my business on a monthly turnover. Um, and um, I lumped on the car sucker for um, uh, for, um, for quotes and stuff. Uh, this is actually the first part of this quote was actually from Muhammad. Um, if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve. It is something I tell myself every single day. Um, and uh, hopefully that’s why I achieve quite a lot as well. And then I put my own Bennett, which I have a plan, actions, focus, focus, focus. So this was my kind of stuff. So hopefully you get an idea from that about what your personal vision maps should look like. Again, it’s gotta be personally, it’s got to go back to your, uh, to your VIP, your values, income and purpose statements that you’ve written and you’ve got hold of those, you know, it’s gotta be really, really personal.

Adrian Peck (18:27):

Um, and then, you know, it becomes that very strong visualization then that hopefully will motivate you. Um, I get all my clients, every client I work with, we always go through and do this process. Um, and, uh, I’ve got one of my clients has got it, uh, you know, dark board in his office and he can open the doors up and close the doors on this, uh, dart board. Um, I’ve got a couple of people I know that have put walls up in or done it in walls in their house, uh, in case kind of studies and stuff. Um, one of them guy put a pin board up and put all this stuff on a, on a big pin board. So it gives you idea of how kind of, how you can reiterate it as well. It’s really, really, really powerful. I can’t, um, I emphasize a math fact sheet, how strong the stuff can be.

Adrian Peck (19:14):

That’s just in your mind I every single day as you see this stuff and it’s so, so powerful, really, really powerful stuff to have. Um, so that’s it. The, um, you can go onto the website gain. There’s a copy of the personal vision map that I’ve just shared with you. Um, and if you need any help at all, obviously just reach out to me. I’m very happy to help you in any way I can. Uh, we can jump on a zoom call, uh, as the thing is these days, so next week we’re going to look at the fun plan. You know, many business owners get in a rut with their business, they end up falling out on and off of it. Uh, they end up, it turns into a job they hate going to work on a Monday. And the one thing I really, really strong about with business owners is that business should be fun.

Adrian Peck (20:02):

Running your business should be fun. If it isn’t fun, stop bloody doing it because life isn’t learning and the journey is more important, the destination. So next week we’re going to look at that. I’m going to take you through how to create that fun plan and how to make sure you stick to it as well. So really looking forward to that. Really looking forward to sharing that with you. Thanks ever so much gain for joining us this week and I look forward to seeing next week. Again, if you want a free copy of my book, just reach out to me. Um, I will send you a free copy, uh, our way to charge the posters or anything so I can get that to you. Um, so lastly, um, stay safe. Um, Kate, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Adrian dot packet pack, uta.com and you can go on to love your business.tv and catch all the previous shows as well. And that’s it. And remember, better never stops. Thank you very much and I’ll see you next week.