Love Your Business TV – 5th May – Putting The FUN Back Into Your Business

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This Week’s Show

Love Your Business TV, weekly live stream show presented by Adrian Peck. The show provides free business advice, hints and tips to enable the world’s Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to work less hour, earn more money and have more fun.

In this show we show you how to create a FUN plan for you and your business, so you can put the FUN back into your business. 

Transcript From Live Show

Good afternoon and welcome once again to Love Your Business TV with me, Adrian Peck, entrepreneur and founder of Better Never Stops and author of How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business; The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Rediscovering Your Mojo And Enjoying Every Day By Living Your Dream.

Every week we are bringing you Love Your Business TV, streamed live on Facebook and on YouTube and I’m pleased to say we are growing and growing every week. You can also get all the podcasts on Spotify, Apple and Google. You can catch up on our previous weeks by going to LoveYouBusiness.TV, that takes you to our Better Never Stops website, but it takes you predominantly to the landing pages for all the previous shows as well.

It’s really great to catch up with so many of you and lots and lots of great feedback. Again, last week one, particularly from my mum. So she said she was very proud of me, which is makes me feel real great.

Lets crack on with this week. I’m really, really passionate about what I do. I’m really, really passionate about helping Entrepreneurs, Business Owners like you to either stay in love, or fall back in love with their businesses. And hopefully my passion is as an oozing out and helping you make your businesses better. And that’s the prime focus of what I’m doing. I’m here to support you and your business.

I’m here with you every single week to share with you some hints and tips and business advice that will help you particularly have more fun in your business, earn more money and also go on and actually grow your businesses as they should be as well. So as always, you want to reach out to me, it’s adrian.peack@peckuk.com.

This week we are going to be looking at putting the fun back in your business.

We had a lot of feedback from lots of business owners that they were taking this time to really evaluate their goals and their personal journey. So over the last four or five weeks, I think it is, at least now I’ve been taking you through what’s called the Personal Ambition Plan. It’s very much focused on you. It’s been looking at your personal visions, your values and common purpose, your business exit, to create a personal plan with a personal vision plan which we covered last week.

This week we’re going to move on to your fun plan. It’s normally part of a four week personal and business strategy program, which I work through with the business owners, so you’re getting a flavor of really what I deliver, albeit an abbreviated version.

If you want to have more content, please reach out to me and I can tell you more about those programs. As well, most of this content that I’m going to share with you is actually my book of course. Which if you contact me direct, I will send you a free copy. If not, you can jump onto Amazon. If you go search my name or search for How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business, you can get your copy.

So moving on this week, last week we looked at the personal vision map and I showed you how to create from all your personal values, income and purpose. I showed you to how to create that really powerful visual map of what it is that you wanted to achieve. And I shared you one of my old ones and the gave you kind of a flavor of what that’s all about. This week we’re going to move on to creating a FUN Plan. What I want to achieve is to enable you to put the fun back in your business. I meet a lot of business owners, and its why I wrote the book, that have fallen out of love with their business. And a strong reason why is because those business owners don’t have any fun in their business.

And I wanted to share that with you. It’s a very important step that I take business owners through on that strategy program. And because I believe really passionately that you as business owners and entrepreneurs, you must have fun in what you do everyday. Otherwise, what’s the point? If you’re not having fun in your business, you’re in control of that. So why aren’t you having fun? If you’re not, change it, either change your business or change yourself so you do have fun. And I’m going to share with you a simple plan today about how you can put that fund back in your business.

I want to share with you the story of bamboo, yes very strange angle. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. But well, the top part does, and that’s the really important part, the part you see.

And when you see high achievers (sports stars, successful entrepreneurs etc) you only see the top part. You only see their success. Like bamboo, you see these huge canes that can grow three or four feet in a few days. It’s absolutely amazing growth. But the bit you don’t quite realize about bamboo is that it takes three to five years for it put its roots down and during that time it doesn’t grow out of the ground at all.

In those 3-5yrs it’s putting all those roots are down and what you then see is this huge spike of growth as the canes rise up. And it’s very easy for people to fail to see is all the foundations that that grown.

And that’s my message to you about having more fun in your business. It’s about all those foundations you lay down to get your business going. And when the ‘canes’ start to shoot out is when you should really be having fun. It’s very easy just to see the bamboo canes and without realizing the foundation that goes in. And as you, as business owners, you shouldn’t feel in any way guilty about enjoying the moment and enjoying the success of your business.

And remember “The Journey Is More Important Than The Destination”

The goal itself brings very little enjoyment, the end celebration is all the hard work the long journey that gets you there. So if you don’t have fun and enjoyment along the way, you’re going to feel real bad when you reach the goal. Standing on top of Mount Everest last for a few minutes compared with the struggle to climb it!!

Personal Vision Questionnaire – back on 7th April we covered the Personal Ambition Questionnaire; key questions to extract the deep stuff about why you do what you do and what you want out of it. We’re going to use some of those answers to complete the Putting A Smile Back Into Your Role.

You’ll see the first page of Putting A Smile Back Into Your Role is in four quadrants.

The first thing you do, going back to the Personal Ambition Questionnaire, write down all the things that you love doing. These are the things I love doing. The statements I’m looking for, what are the things that you do or that you used to do, that you really like doing. If you were to look forward in your diary; “next week is going to be your best week ever at work” because??? What would those things be? What would that look like? What are those activities? Spend a bit of time to really think about what these would be and write the statements here.

The next step, in the quadrant underneath, is to write ‘What Stops You Doing These Activities?’

Again you should have a list of statements. Be honest with yourself. What stops you doing these enjoyable activities?

We’ll now move onto your ‘Dislikes’ – what are the activites that you Dislike doing. You don’t need to list why, just list the activity statements. What would your worst week look like? What activities would they be?

And underneath these, write why you do them. Again be honest. You’re the only person that can do them, right??

We’ll now move onto the second page, Your Fun Plan.

We’re going to mapping out a, a plan of action. And this is going to be a live document you’re going to create. From the ‘Dislike Doing List’ what are the easy, quick wins; the activities you could stop doing NOW? What are you going to stop doing, Who’s going to do them instead? Assuming they need to be done? And then when you’re going to have that done by. And then once you’ve completed it, you can put a tick in the box. Pick out some of the things that you hate doing and therefore put them into your ‘stop plan’. The ‘who’s going to do them instead’ will need to be briefed of course.

Now move onto the second part of Your Fun Plan, ‘These are things that I’m going to do (either more of or start doing), again from your list above pick out the easy, quick wins. When are you going to start doing them?

This now becomes a live document which can be reviewed weekly. Yes weekly, plan a time in your diary to spend just 10 minutes each week to make sure you stay on track. And yes’ it’s only going to take you 10 minutes. Once you’ve got this list of activites cracked, move onto the next activities in your ‘Like & Dislike’ quadrants.

Soon you’ll have a week full of stuff you like doing and very few activities you dislike doing.

So that’s your fun plan. That’s you, Putting The Fun Back Into Your Business. Keep it simple and it will be achievable. You can always improve it.

And remember…Better Never Stops