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From our experience here are the biggest common problems we find

And a typical conversation starts like this…

“A few years ago we started our business. We come from a technical background and we’re good at what we do. If fact we’re so good, one day we decided, hell I (or we) can do this, why don’t we set up our own company and ‘sail our own boat’. We started with great plans and for a number of years the business has grown well based on our shear determination, hard work and passion. We’ve managed to get it over the £1m turn-over ‘mountain’ and we’ve now got a number of employees.
Now a good few years on…

“We’ve changed and so has our business, it’s not as much fun anymore. We don’t have the same feeling about it but I just can’t put my finger on.“

Does that sound familiar?

Common Problems And Symptoms

You Don't Like Mondays


Your business has become your Job, you’re an employee, bored & easily distracted

You’re constantly looking for the next best thing or new business ideas

You’ve lost sight of what it’s all about & why you do it

You look forward to the weekend, but never to Mondays

Managing People is a Nightmare


Your people issues have multiplied far beyond the company growth curve

They require constant direction, telling what to do and if you don’t push them it doesn’t get done

At the end of a day you feel drained, stressed, frustrated and cross

Why do they not care the same as you? At times they don’t seem to care at all

The Harder You Work - The less You Earn


You believed higher turn-over would equal larger income

A few months after year end, your Accountant says your directors loan account is too high for your profits

Everyone keeps asking for a pay rise and all you seem to do is pay more tax

You want to enjoy the fruits of your labour before life passes you by


You've Fallen Out of Love with your Business

But there’s a much bigger challenge that you’re probably not aware of…

Lurking deep inside you is a fear of failure

You’ve got the business this far but what if you break it and it all comes tumbling down.

You kind of know what you need and want to do, but where do you start? You’ve read a few books and spoken to a few people, but asking for help feels like you’ve failed.

You feel alone, you can’t ask your team and you can’t take it home. It’s just easier to carry on doing what you’ve always done and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, hope is NOT a great strategy…

What You Need is a System…

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a system that brought everything together? It could take away the guess work and help you run your business across all aspects.

You’ve already got other systems in your business like; accounting, sales, operations etc.

What about something that drove your business forward based on the principles you already know?

  • It worked on proven formulas and was flexible to work in your business. 
  • It took you through a process of small steps that were easy and effective to implement.
  • It had a support programme for YOU
  • And it was affordable to implement and run…

A Business Coaching System Like No Other…

We’ve developed SECCESS™ based on all the results we’ve achieved with clients since 2011. It’s built around the seven core principles required to manage, grow and produce sustainable healthy profits. Each principle has a series of implementation steps and key outputs to make them happen in your business.



If you carry on doing what you’ve always done, how can you expect a different result? We’ll work with you to really understand what you want to achieve in life, what the journey looks like, the milestones and destinations along the way. We’ll do the same for your business, ending up with a Five Year Business Plan on a single page. .


1. Personal Goals & Values

2. Exit Plan

3. Business Vision & Values

4. Business Plan

Personal Ambition Plan

Exit plan

Draft Vision & Values

5 Year Business Plan & Vital Few Single page plan


Business is a team sport and by putting the right structure around you, you’ll be amazed by the results and how much easier it can be. First you have to get the team brought into what is the bigger vision and plan.


1. Team Vision and Values

2. Team Roles & Structure

3. Individual Responsibilities & Objectives

4. Rewards and Communication


Company Vision & Values Board

Business Structure

Individual Roles & Objectives

Reward & Recognition Programme


On every journey you need to know where you are, what’s your progress along the way and how much further you have to go? In business you need a Dashboard to constantly and consistently show your progress, how much resource you’re using and how much further you have to go.


1. Define Goals

2. Current Results and Set Targets

3. Create Dashboard

4. Share Results And Drive Performance


Company Goals & Targets

Company Dashboard



You have to stop chasing bigger revenues and focus on generating cash. We’ll work through our CASH model which will sharpen up the finances, improve the cash flowing through your business, increase it’s value and boost your earnings.


1. Cost Review

2. Asset Review

3. Sales Improvements

4. HMRC Review


Yearly Budget

Cashflow Forecast

Sales Forecast

Profit & Loss Forecast


Today’s world is all about speed and simplicity. Your delivery needs to be fast, agile and brave to serve your customer expectations and reduce friction in your business. And if you don’t your competitors will, if they’re not already


1. Map the current business processes

2. Speed & Complexity review

3. Map improved processes

4. Add technology


Fast & Simple

Customer Focused Processes


Stop competing on price and separate away from your competitors. By creating your own niche you’ll be able to command higher margins and enjoy a better relationship with your customers.


1. Review your current products

2. Identify your ideal target market

3. Research & development

4. Create your product ecosystem


Product Ecosystem Model



A robust marketing and sales programme with proven lead generation, sales conversion and customer maximisation strategies is the secret sauce in any business.

1. Customer Maximisation

2. Lead Generation

3. Sales Conversion Strategies


Detailed Marketing And Sales Programme

What Will It mean for You?

  • Restore your mojo with new energy, excitement and focus

  • Fall back in love with your business and look forward to going to work again to do the stuff you enjoy doing

  • Take time out to tick off items from your bucket list knowing your team are able to manage the day-to-day

  • Free yourself from the financial stress to enjoy the choices wealth gives you

Adrian has helped us improve our systems and procedures and taken our business to a new level. This along with the marketing advice provided has been instrumental in dramatically improving our profits and margins. Having Better Never Stops as part of our business is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made
Peter Richardson

Managing Director, Pedarson Group Ltd

“I was hesitant about working with a business coach and had been putting it off for a while. However, the clarity and progress the business has made through the programme delivered by Adrian and his team has enabled me to enjoy my business and life on a different level. We’re very good at what we do and by working with Adrian and Better Never Stops we’ve made the business more robust and easier to manage. I just wish we’d worked with him sooner
Adrian Lewis,

Managing Director, Frames Conservatories Direct Ltd

Adrian is a switched on business specialist that gets to know your business so that he can come up with ideas and help implement them. This generates new clients, which means more profit and money for the business owner. I use Adrian and I see him as an integral part to my business to help it grow and prosper
Mark Thompson

Thompson Financial Consulting Ltd

Better Never Stops™

Behind our system is a deep belief; Better Never Stops Its something we say to our clients every day, so we’ve made it our brand!

What does it mean? It can mean many things to many people. In business, we think it means very simply; “get it done today, and tomorrow keep improving it.” As an Entrepreneur, one of your conflicting traits is you’re a perfectionist. It’s what’s got you here today, but it’s also what’s holding you back.

You have to learn prolific beats perfect…GSD and keep improving it! Because…