Ask For The Order – Sales Tip

Unless you’re in a pure sales role, selling probably isn’t something you’re so keen on…

So what happens is you get terribly worried and afraid of upsetting your customer. For instance, when asking for the order.

You’ll tiptoe around it: “If you want to go ahead, give me a call” or “I’ll leave it with you” or “Once you’ve got the other quotes back, give me a call.”

Just about every sales team says something along the lines of “Our customers like us because we’re not pushy.” In reality, sales people are only human and, as such, have a fear of rejection.

But here’s the thing, most customers want to be led and just need help to decide. It doesn’t have to be pushy and you just need to ask the bloody question:

  • “Shall we go ahead?”
  • “If you’d like to secure that price, I can take a small deposit by card now.”
  • “What card would you like to pay with?”
  • “Is there any more information you need to make a decision?” “No.” “Would you like me to dispatch that today?”
  • “Based on what you’ve told me, you want this order delivered to you by 30th June, for us to achieve this for you we’ll need your confirmation by next Monday, are you in a position to confirm now?”
  • “We’re getting low on stock for that item, I would recommend you place your order today

Are any of these pushy??

Please stop missing out on sales and just ask the question…


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