Fill The Envelope – Marketing Tip

Do you send your customers products or monthly statements?

Here’s a great low cost way to sell MORE to people who are already buying from you.

You’ll see companies like Amazon using this a lot.

You’ll notice when you get a delivery from them, inside will be offers for other products. Some of these go straight in the bin, but if the offers are strong enough many will stick.

Of course there’s no delivery cost on your promotional pack because it goes out with the item already being delivered. There’s only the cost of printing, which these days is very cost effective. 

  1. If you send products to your customers how could you ‘fill the envelope’?
  2. Could you work with a referral partner who shares the same target market and offer to put an offer out with yours and they do likewise for you?

I also think this could work for customers you visit or visit you, why not give every customer a thank you pack, a simple envelope or even a leaflet with offers and information about other services? Again, could you work with a referral partner?

This would be a great way of distributing a monthly newsletter about your business.

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