How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business by Adrian Peck

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business; The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Rediscovering Your Mojo And Enjoying Every Day By Living Your Dream by Adrian Peck

What is this book about?

This book is about SECCESS®, a proven seven-step business system that will work for any entrepreneurial business owner who runs, or wants to run, a £1m plus turnover company.

Why did I write it?

I wrote this book because I have a passion for fixing things and helping people. As a business coach and consultant, I am frustrated by the limited number of business owners I can reach. But as an author, I can reach thousands of people and therefore have a much greater impact and inspire more business owners to be successful.

What is different about this book?

The book is different because it’s based on real life. Since 2011 I’ve predominately worked with business owners running half million to seven million pound turnover companies. These are all kinds of businesses, operating in many different sectors. This book is based on the proven tools, techniques and approaches I’ve used to enable these businesses to grow and prosper. Therefore I know everything I discuss in the book can be readily and cost-effectively implemented in any business of any size or shape.

What is the main message in How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business by Adrian Peck?

The first is, you are not alone. The challenges, frustrations and stress you feel are experienced across all businesses at some point through their journey. Indeed, the entrepreneur’s journey it’s not a straight road. It’s got many twists, turns, hills and valleys along the way.

The second, is that entrepreneurship and business growth is a science and not an art. There is a predictable path and known formulas you can follow.

The third main message is there are many ways to grow a successful and rewarding business. The most difficult and tortuous is to try to work it out for yourself. In this book, I will show you a known path, which in parts isn’t necessarily original or ground breaking, but will save you all the time, hassle and pain of trying to find out for yourself.

What problems will it solve

What I found from the companies that I’ve met and worked with since 2011 is that they follow a very similar path. They started their business based on technical expertise and passion for what they deliver to a customer. Inevitably, they are very very good at it and go on to create a sizable company that is turning over more than a million pounds.

It’s then when the problems come, the various barriers to growth start to block their way and they can’t get it past them. So the business grows to a point, it will slow, plateau or even worse fall backwards.

What I found is there are five key barriers that will hold back the business owner:

One is the business owner gets very frustrated, stressed and demotivated by the lack of time that he or she can dedicate to working on the business. They get sucked into delivering the day to day and never time to do what they love doing.

The second one is they get very overwhelmed by the enormity of the task they need to do to actually run the business well. And it is everything from managing people, to health and safety, to sorting out insurances, dealing with the accounts, working with suppliers, managing customers and developing products. It’s quite enormous the amount of stuff the business owner has to do.

The third is life. When they started the business they believed it would give them freedom and time to enjoy life. But actually what they find is, as the business grows they end up working longer and longer hours. They have to work harder and harder on their business just to keep on top of everything. Their life is the business.

That brings us onto our forth barrier, money. As the business grows they end up earning less money, especially considering the hours they work. Because of the complexity of the bigger business, the financial aspects are a look more complicated and difficult to manage well. Therefore cash flow and profitability are a constant battle.

And our fifth barrier is business acumen. The business owner is very competent at delivering what it is they do for their customer. They’ve got years of expertise and experience of that. But unless they have invested in learning about running a large business, they probably haven’t got the technical expertise required to run a £1m plus business. They’re not simple things to run.

After a few gruelling years of trying to overcome these barriers, it’s then inevitable for the business owner to lose sight of what they are trying to achieve. Without help they will lose their passion, drive and enthusiasm and start to fall out of love for their business. And then the fear of failure will kick-in. They fear that by trying something different, it could all come tumbling down. So it’s safer to do nothing.

In this book, How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business by Adrian Peck, I’ll take you through my SECCESS® model which has been purposely developed to overcome all of the barriers described above. It will enable any business owner to rekindle their passion, enthusiasm and drive and soon be falling back in love with their business.

How long did it take

I started the book in June 2019 and finished the first draft by the beginning of August that year. I pretty much spent around 12/15 hours writing every week. I’m dyslexic so I’m not the fastest of writers and it’s not something that comes that easy to me. However, I have a really great book writing coach, Lucy, and her structure, process and support were just fantastic. I wouldn’t have been able to get it done without her.

Where can they buy it

It’s available on Amazon in Kindle and Softback versions.

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