The perfect work week…..Have you ever had one?

In my previous posts, I revealed how your Personal Ambition Plan is made up of your own personal VIP’s:

  • Value
  • Income
  • Purpose

By now you will have read the blog posts on Value and on Income and asked yourself the relevant questions. Having written down your answers for the V and the I, now what is your P?

Your Purpose that will lead you to living your perfect work week, week after week!

Take a blank page and write down just 2 words at the top; My Purpose. 

Now think about what these two words truly mean to you and your business. Then ask yourself:

  • On a day-to-day basis, what is it you love doing the most?
  • What did you love to do that you don’t do any more or don’t do enough of?
  • What’s stopping you from having your perfect work week?
  • What really frustrates you about your normal week?
  • What do you hate doing and why?

Take a moment and write down what your perfect work week would look like?

I want you to imagine looking in your work diary and seeing a week laid out before you that would make you think “Wow, I can’t wait to get into work, next week is my perfect work week.” This week I will continue to fulfill my business Purpose.                  What would be booked in?

Really think about it and write down all that you envisage.

Remember – writing it down cements it and grounds you in the Purpose that you are trying to achieve.

Read more about the importance of your VIP’s in the Strategy chapter of my book; ‘How to fall back in love with your business; the entrepreneurs guide to rediscover your mojo and enjoy every day by living your dream,’ and how this will impact your business.

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