The Seven Steps to SECCESS®

Through my new book; ‘How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business; the entrepreneurs guide to rediscovering your mojo and enjoying every day by living your dream, I’m going to show you the seven steps to SECCESS®.  Yes, I know SECCESS is spelt incorrectly, but for two very good reasons:

  1. It stands for Strategy, Empowerment, Control, CASH, Efficiency, Separate & Scale. I could have used Unity instead of Empowerment, but it just didn’t convey the same importance of a team.
  2. I’m dyslexic, so it looks perfectly ok to me…


Since 2011 I’ve met and worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs like you, experiencing the same challenges, pains and frustrations.

I’ve recognised that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or what type of business you run, you all experience the same challenges.

So, I’ve developed this seven-step system that will work for every Entrepreneur running a £1m plus turn-over company.

 In each chapter I’ll take you through each step and the principle that it’s based on:

Strategy – Enjoy the journey, it’s more important than the destination

Empowerment – You’ll only achieve exceptional results through effective teamwork

Control Panel – Know what you want, measure, assess and drive performance

Cash – Your primary goal must focus on generating real cash

Efficiency – Get more for less through constant review and utilisation of technology

Separate – Stand out by adding value to increase the demand and margins

Scale – Always be selling


While reading through these seven steps, think about what success really means to you?

How can you utilise each of these steps to drive your business forward and embrace the journey?

My new book will accompany you on the journey to business success. With every step there are supporting templates, charts, examples and additional content to be found on our website; www.betterneverstops.global/tools. These are all free to download and use to implement the seven steps into your business.


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